What is Inle in INLE Risk Management? Where did you get the Tiger in INLE Risk Management’s logo?

Inle Lake is a famous and historic lake in the Shan Hills of Myanmar. The inhabitants of Inle are called Intha, who are devout Buddhists, and are the reason for hundreds of pagodas and thousands of stupas in the area. INLE Risk Management maintains a representative office in Yangon, Myanmar, and believes in the long-term future growth of the country.


INLE Risk Management’s logo illustrates the Chinthe, a mythological lion like creature that is often seen at the entrances of pagodas and temples in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and other parts of South East Asia. The Chinthe is a variation of the guardian lions seen around Eastern Asia.


I am not a Hong Kong resident. Can I still purchase insurance?

Insurance can still be purchased even if you do not reside in Hong Kong or have a Hong Kong ID. Subject to the laws in your own country and Hong Kong, you can apply for our insurance policies. However, clients must physically be in Hong Kong to sign off on any contracts and additional underwriting may be imposed. The policy will be in accordance with Hong Kong laws and statute. Some insurers and policies will only cover Hong Kong residents.


What is the levy imposed on my policy? Where is it from and what is the objective?

The government has setup the levy to help fund the operation of the Insurance Authority. The levy is a tax imposed on the insurance premium of policyholders. The levy rates prescribed by the Insurance Authority are as follows:


Period Levy Rate Max Levy for General Policies Max Levy for Life Policies
January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 0.04% HKD 2,000 HKD 40
April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 0.06% HKD 3,000 HKD 60
April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 0.085% HKD 4,000 HKD 85
April 1, 2021 to Onwards 0.1% HKD 5,000 HKD 100


A cap is imposed on a levy of general insurance policies with annual premiums at or above HKD 5,000,000, and on a levy of life insurance policies with single or annualized premiums at above HKD 100,000. If the amount of levy for each policy includes a fraction of a cent, the amount is to be rounded to the nearest cent.


How do I make an inquiry or lodge a complaint?

Under the current regulatory system for insurance intermediaries, complaints against insurance intermediaries should first be referred to the appropriate regulatory board. INLE Risk Management is regulated by the Professional Insurance Brokers Association.


If your complaint is against an insurer, you may should contact them directly or have INLE Risk Management do so for you. If you have an insurance-related dispute of monetary nature, you may contact The Insurance Complaints Bureau.


If you are not satisfied with how any of the aforementioned bodies have handled your complaint, you may contact the Insurance Authority who will conduct a necessary review.


Contact information for regulatory bodies can be found in INLE Risk Management’s Contact Us page.