Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance, also known as Car Insurance, is a compulsory insurance in order to drive your vehicle in Hong Kong. Private motor insurance is taken for a specific vehicle, with one policy per vehicle, and the policy holder as the registered owner of the vehicle. According to Hong Kong law, all drivers must have at least cover for injuries to  third-parties of at least HKD 100,000,000. However, just having Auto Insurance is somewhat ambiguous, as there are multiple types which are all very different. The following are the different types of Auto Insurance from least cover to most cover:

  • Act Only: the minimum coverage required to legally be allowed to drive in Hong Kong. Covers only third-party death and bodily injury
  • Third-Party Liability: covers claims for damage or loss to a third-party, or the bodily injury or death of a third-party
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft: covers loss to your own vehicle if it suffers damage from an accident, fire, or theft, in addition to the Third-Party Liability cover.
  • Comprehensive: covers any damage or loss to your own vehicle in addition to all benefits above

The premium for Auto Insurance is largely dependent on the breadth of coverage, but other considerations that affect premium include your vehicle type, the cost of the car; no claims discount, depending on your accident history; age, whether you’re an inexperienced driver or a senior driver; and occupation, in the automotive industry or entertainment industry you could face higher premiums. At INLE Risk Management we will find the appropriate level of cover for you based on your needs and budget.

Benefits / Highlights
  • Compulsory in Hong Kong
  • Legal defense (except Act Only)
  • Medical and liability protection
  • Cover for damage to your own vehicle (except Act Only and Third-Party Liability)
Uses for Auto Insurance

According to Hong Kong law, all drivers must have auto insurance for their vehicle. Those who fail to possess the minimum amount of cover could face a fine of up to HKD 10,000, imprisonment for 12 months, and suspension of your license for a minimum of 12 months and at most three years.


Besides being compulsory by Hong Kong law, auto insurance is essential to offset expenses for medical, liability, and property (except act only) in the event an accident occurs. In 2016, according to the Traffic Branch Headquarters, there were 2,739 serious accidents which involved treating victims for more than 12 hours. Moreover, there were 129 fatal accidents involving one or more people.


At INLE Risk Management we will find the ideal solution to your auto insurance needs. Feel safe and protected from injury and financial burden when you are behind the wheel.

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