Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is suitable for all individuals and seeks to protect them from any illness or sudden hospitalization. Medical Insurance has a wide variety of insurers and levels of cover to suit any sort of lifestyles. With an array of riders and additional benefits, clients can choose to define their appropriate level of cover. Help safeguard yourself and your family and give them peace of mind with the ideal medical protection. At INLE Risk Management we will determine a suitable policy for your medical and budgetary needs.


Premiums for medical insurance are determined by and insured’s age and  the underwriting process. Medical Insurance for individuals and families usually require full medical underwriting (FMU), which means the insurer will refer to your medical history to adjust the premium accordingly. Depending on your history, the insurer could add a discount, loading, or keep the premium level. If you’ve previously been insured and are switching medical providers, you may be able to have continuous personal medical exclusions (CPME). Rather than have your medical history reassessed, CPME allows you to maintain the same underwriting terms as your previous insurer. All Medical Insurance policies renew yearly, with premiums typically increasing year on year according to your age.


At INLE Risk Management we design ideal medical solutions to fit you and your family’s medical and budgetary needs.

Benefits / Highlights
  • Protect you and your family in the event of any unfortunate illness or injury
  • Wide range of providers and benefits to suit all medical and budgetary needs
  • Ease the financial burden of hospitalization and mitigate rising medical costs
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
Uses for Medical Insurance

In today’s fast-moving economy, a serious illness or injury can have vast effects on more than just your health, including your family’s financial wellbeing, your career, and more. And with today’s rising medical costs and increased human longevity, Medical Insurance has become more imperative than ever. Medical Insurance is more than just medical protection, and besides alleviating expensive medical bills and providing cover for you and your family, Medical Insurance also provides a peace of mind allowing you to focus on your family and career.


Despite Medical Insurance’s importance, with a vast number of medical insurers with a range of tiers and cover, finding the proper quality medical insurance at the right price can be arduous for even the most sophisticated individual.


At INLE Risk Management we will assist you in finding the most fitting medical insurance solution for you and your family.

  • AIA
  • Aetna
  • April
  • AXA
  • Bupa Asia
  • Bupa Global
  • Cigna
  • Liberty
  • Prudential
  • Sun Life
  • William Russell
  • YF Life (Mass Mutual)
  • Zurich