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Why do I need insurance?

Life is wonderful but also full of uncertainties. Insurance helps provide peace of mind and helps mitigate future risks that may arise from any unfortunate event. Furthermore, insurance also allows provides future financial security for retirement and education. Safeguard you and your loved ones’ futures with life insurance. With our comprehensive and bespoke policies, we can protect you and your loved one’s from any unforeseen circumstances.

What does an insurance broker do?

Insurance brokers act on the behalf of the client and act as professionally trained advisors on insurance matters. Brokers provide expert and unbiased advice on insurance based on the client’s risks and needs.

Brokers historically have been self-regulated organization under either the Professional Insurance Brokers Association or the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers. All brokers must be licensed to sell insurance. From 23 September 2019 all insurance brokers will be directly regulated by the Insurance Authority.

INLE Risk Management is member of the Professional Insurances Brokers Association of Hong Kong – PIBA No.: 0713.

What is the difference between a broker and an insurance agent?

Insurance agents represent the insurance company directly, and act as sales representatives for the insurer. Insurance brokers represent the client, and work with a number of insurers to get you the best possible quote based on your needs and risks.

Why should I use an insurance broker?

Brokers are licensed professionals who provide expert advice on insurance. Brokers work on behalf of the client, and take into account any risk and needs when surveying the best cover.

Brokers do all the research for the client, assessing risks, and providing regulatory and legislative information, to find a suitable policy across a range of insurers.

Brokers will compare and discuss various options with the client, ensuring the best coverage for the right price is being taken. Brokers will also help with general insurance advice, and in the event of a claim, will liaise between the client and the insurer to find a resolution.