Our Values

Our Values

Putting customers first. As an owner-operated insurance broker, INLE Risk Management was founded on the principle of putting our customers interests first. Our approach is not transactional. Rather, we work to establish deep and long term relationships with our clients as we work with them over many years to address their insurance and wealth management needs.

Integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and transparency and work with our clients to develop insurance solutions best suited to their financial situation, risk tolerance and long term needs.

Solidity. We only work with the highest quality, most reputable insurers in Hong Kong, Asia and around the world. It is important to our clients to know that their insurers will be there when they need them – in many cases decades after their polices are first taken out.

Privacy and confidentiality. Many large, publicly listed insurance brokers have a high employee churn rate. This has an inevitable impact on service quality and confidentiality as account executives constantly move from firm to firm. This is both an inconvenience as well as a privacy and confidentiality risk. At INLE Risk Management, our directors are the owners of the firm so you can count on working with the same people over the life of your policies.

Determining our clients’ financial standing and needs as well as risk appetite is an essential part of our role as insurance advisors. Hence, we follow a very disciplined approach to client screening, financial needs analyses, risk profile analyses and product suitability analyses, allowing us to ensure our clients purchase appropriate policies. Based on these analyses we help our clients develop efficient structures that address their risk management and wealth management needs.

Our Pillars
Our pillars
1 High-Touch Service

INLE Risk Management has cultivated a customer-centered, service-heavy culture throughout the organization. Our team is fully dedicated and attentive to every client. No client is a small client to us. No matter the geography or hour of the day, INLE Risk Management is there for our clients. Our aim is to ensure the customer experience is as smooth and seamless as possible.

2 Integrity

Our business is built on the strong traditions of honesty, reliability, and loyalty. Every INLE Risk Management staff member conducts business honorably and efficiently. This integrity and dependability is understood in every language, and what has led to our company’s continued success.

3 Professionalism

Our work is thorough and robust. Our team employs in-depth risk management approach to assess every client’s needs, exposures, and risk appetite, in order to tail-make comprehensive bespoke policies. Besides careful review of the programme, we provide detailed evaluation of agreed terms in simple language to ensure the client is satisfied with all terms of the agreement.

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