Employees’ Compensation

Employees’ Compensation Insurance

Employees Compensation Insurance, also known as EC Insurance, offers protection and financial support for a company’s employees to keep them safe at work. Employees Compensation Insurance provides liability cover in the event a staff member suffers an injury or illness in the performance of their duties. If a staff member is injured or unwell, the policy will cover lost wages and medical treatment, as well as recovery.


The premium rate for Employees compensation has a very wide range, due to a dissimilar assortment of risks associated with different industries, professions, and markets. For example, a clerical officer, a low-risk profession, could face a premium rate of below 1% of the employee’s annual earnings; whereas a scaffolding worker, a high-risk profession, could see a premium rate of more than 30% – reflecting the business nature and the occupational hazards associated with each profession. The premium rate is based on several factors, including:

  • Occupational risks and hazards, as well as safety measures taken
  • Industry and occupation claim rate and history
  • Market conditions
  • Underwriting guidelines and operational costs

Employees Compensation Insurance is mandated by Hong Kong Law, and irrespective of your employees working hours, part-time, temporary, or full-time; or what the scope of their work is, services, apprenticeships, or contracts. Employers who fail to comply face up to a maximum imprisonment of two years and a fine of HKD 100,000, in addition to charges relating to the accident or illness.


Employees Compensation Insurance helps protect your business so you can continue your success. At INLE Risk Management we will organize the appropriate Employees Compensation to keep your business running smoothly and give your employees peace of mind.

Benefits / Highlights
  • Peace of mind for your employees
  • Protection from financial burden for your business and employees
  • No fault system – high pay-out rate
  • Lost wages benefit
  • Medical treatment and recovery benefit
  • Easy enrollment
Uses for Employees’ Compensation Insurance

Protecting your employees is a key component of running a successful business. With Employees Compensation Insurance, your employees can complete their duties without fear of financial burden if they have to miss prolonged periods of work in their line of work.


Injuries in the workplace happen, no matter what profession you are in. If an employee suffers from an injury, illness, or dies, and is incapacitated as a result of an accident arising out of their duty of work, then his employer is liable to pay under the Hong Kong ordinance. In addition, this insurance typically runs under a “no-fault system”, meaning even if the employee committed acts of fault or negligence then the employer still has to pay.


At INLE Risk Management we can provide a suitable Employees Compensation Insurance to help ease the human impact and financial risk to your business in the event of any serious injury to your one of employees.

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