Investment-Linked Life

Investment-Linked Life Insurance

Investment-Linked Life Insurance is a life insurance policy with an investment component where the policy value is directly linked to the performance of an investment portfolio.


Investment-Linked Life policies are designed to give you life protection while at the same time providing you with savings and investment returns. The value of the policy is determined by the insurance company based on the performance of the underlying or reference funds. Part of the premiums you pay will be put towards the investment component and will become return generating assets.


Investment-Linked Life lets you enjoy potential investment returns while also protecting the beneficiaries with a death benefit.

Benefits / Highlights
  • Investment potential along with life protection
  • Ability to invest in a variety of funds and other assets
  • Basic premiums
  • Professional investment management and opinion
  • Investment flexibility
  • Liquidity
Uses for Investment-Linked Life Insurance

Investment-Linked Life is structured for individuals who have a long-term investment goal, and a multi-objective of investment, estate planning, and life protection.


Investment-Linked Life can offer a high degree of flexibility. Depending on your current situation, you can choose to take a withdrawal from the accumulated value of the investment during the lifetime the policy as long as value is above a certain limit. You can also take a premium holiday and temporarily suspend premium payments. In addition, you can choose to pay top-up premiums to Increase the policy’s cash value and enjoy more investment potential. You can also typically switch between a large variety of funds.


At INLE Risk Management we can assist you in choosing a suitable Investment-Linked Life Insurance policy that will answer both your investment as well as life protection needs.

  • AXA
  • Cigna
  • Mass Mutual (YF Life)
  • Prudential
  • Sun Life
  • Swiss Life