Insurance Industry

What sectors of the insurance industry are regulated in Hong Kong?

Insurers and insurance intermediaries, i.e. insurance brokers and agents, are all regulated under Hong Kong law.


Who regulates the insurance industry?

The insurance industry is regulated by the Insurance Authority, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.


INLE Risk Management is member of the Professional Insurances Brokers Association of Hong Kong – PIBA No.: 0713.


All of INLE Risk Management’s Technical Representatives are also licensed under the Professional Insurance Brokers Association. INLE Risk Management and its Technical Representatives can be looked up on the Professional Insurance Brokers Association’s website or here:


How many insurance brokers and agents are there in Hong Kong

As of September 30th, 2018, there were 778 authorized insurance brokers and 9,436 registered chief executives and technical representatives. For insurance agents, there were 67,881 appointed insurance agents (2,417 agencies and 65,464 individual agents) and 25,221 responsible officers and technical representatives.


What is the size of the insurance business in Hong Kong and how is it distributed between General and Long Term business? In terms of gross premiums… 
Insurance Business 2015 HKD Million 2016 HKD Million 2017 HKD Million
General 45,983 45,535 48,257
Long Term 328,145 406,204 440,915
Total 374,128 451,739 489,172