Business-Lines Insurance

Why do I need commercial insurance?

Depending on industry, the premises the company works from, services offered and other various factors, every business faces risks of some sort. Business insurance can cover you against these risks, protecting businesses from potential hurdles like legal fees, accidents, theft and professional errors.


Vulnerabilities within a business are highly unique and require bespoke policies to cover all the risks. At INLE Risk Management, we specialize in tailor-made policies that suit your every need.


What is the difference between general liability and professional liability?

Although the two policies sound similar, they cover quite different things. General liability covers for bodily injury and property damage arising from negligent acts. Whereas professional liability covers professional errors, such as poor advice, faulty workmanship, etc. Hence why it’s often important for a business to have both. Completely understanding the different policies and what they cover is paramount to running a business.


What are pre-existing conditions and can I be covered for them?

Any injury, illness, or condition where you have previously shown symptoms for or previously have been consulted, diagnosed or treated for which you have been reasonably aware of before the policy effective date. Pre-existing conditions are commonly excluded in medical and hospitalization policies because the rationale of insurance is to indemnify the insured from unforeseen medical conditions. Sometimes insurers will have waiting periods to cover such conditions. Or, implement separate deductibles. However, at INLE Risk Management we will work with you tailor-make your policy to find the best cover for any such conditions with additional underwriting if necessary.


What is the waiting period?

Medical insurance typically imposes a “waiting period”. During this period, coverage is not in effect for any illnesses or the specified illness.